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What is Orthorexia?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 22, 2018 1:01:40 PM / by Meg Salvia, RDN, CDE posted in Eating Disorder Recovery

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I recently authored a post for Walden Behavioral Care's recovery blog on the topic of orthorexia. It's a bit of a tricky concept because it can be really challenging to live with this degree of rigidity and restriction, and at the same time, it can feel counter-intuitive and counter-cultural to wonder if there is such a thing as heating too healthfully or being too concerned about nutrition.

Check out my post on Walden's blog here.

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GI Discomfort in Eating Disorder Recovery: Additional Resources

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 14, 2017 12:33:13 PM / by Meg Salvia, RDN, CDE posted in Eating Disorder Recovery, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Resources

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Last month, I wrote about what causes bloating and how to manage the discomfort that can arise as we recover from disordered eating patterns. In addition to the strategies outlined, there are several good resources to explore further, if you’re interested.

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What causes bloating in eating disorder recovery?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 31, 2017 12:04:11 AM / by Meg Salvia, RDN, CDE posted in Nutrition, Probiotics, Eating Disorder Recovery

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Bloating is an uncomfortable physical symptom that can occur as you work towards normalizing eating patterns and intake in recovery from an eating disorder. It can be challenging on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Bloating after eating occurs after periods of restriction/starvation or purging. Understanding the reasons why it happens and framing expectations around the symptoms you're feeling can be helpful in coping with or managing discomfort.

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Recipe Links: Winter 2017

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 15, 2017 3:25:45 PM / by Meg Salvia, RDN, CDE posted in Nutrition, Diabetes, Eating Disorder Recovery, Cooking, Recipes

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In addition to my practice, I also occassionally post recipes that are realistic for at-home cooks, inventive, and helpful for clients working with me on nutrition goals in our sessions at my (food & book) blog A few of those recipes have been featured in some round-up posts by fellow dietitians over the past few weeks. Not all of the posts are focused on eating disorder recovery or diabetes management (and I'm not on board with all the language used around "healthy" or assuming nutrition goals for a general audience), but it's still fun to see the collective creativity of dietitians.

A few of the recipes include:

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