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Fall 2017 Articles Published

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 2, 2017 6:36:38 PM / by Meg Salvia, RD

Two articles I worked on this summer were recently released in peer-reviewed publications and focus on the role of weight, nutrition recommendations, and binge eating in diabetes management. If you're interested in these topics, you can check out more below:

1) The August 2017 issue of Diabetes Spectrum, a peer-reviewed journal available online and distributed to members of the American Diabetes Association, focused on the role of weight loss and treatment recommendations in diabetes management. It's a difficult topic, in part because so much advice out there on weight loss isn't helpful or healthy, yet it's a consistent part of diabetes management goals. I was asked to provide a summary and synthesis of some of the data emerging from the Look AHEAD trial. While the full article isn't available for free online, a brief summary can be found here. The trial explored the impact of intentional weight loss on diabetes and cardiovascular disease outcomes. Although weight differences between the two study groups were observed (with the biggest differences occurring early in the study), the trial was stopped early because no differences were achieved in terms of cardiovascular disease risk.

In terms of how I translate these findings into my practice, I strongly advocate for optimizing diabetes management goals and reducing cardiovascular disease risk without prioritizing weight loss as the central goal or the key means of achieving better health outcomes.

2) The Diabetes Care and Education group within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) invited me to serve as an editor on the Fall special issue discussing treating diabetes and eating disorders. It was a privilege serving on this team with Nicole Patience, MS, RDN, CDE, CEDRD and Stephanie Critchely, MS, RDN, CDE, and the issue covers a lot of important topics that we hope serve as a valuable resource for dietitians, therapists, and clinicians working with clients or patients with these co-occurring diagnoses. I also authored an article (full text available) on the intersection of binge eating disorder and type 2 diabetes, outlining best practices in the treatment of the two conditions together.

Meg Salvia, RD

Written by Meg Salvia, RD