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Smoothie Recipe

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 11, 2014 3:33:00 PM / by Meg Salvia, RD posted in Healthy Recipe, Breakfast, Probiotics

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Probiotic Smoothie Recipe: 

I recently shared a blueberry and strawberry smoothie recipe on my cooking blog,, and I’m sharing the recipe here now because the impact that the combination of high-fiber fruit with a kefir and yogurt base are on my mind after attending the annual Massachusetts Dietetic Association conference in 2014; one of the most interesting (and popular) presentations was on the role that gut bacteria play in our health (and the connection between gut bacteria, obesity, and diseases like diabetes). It’s fascinating to hear the emerging research on this topic.

Basically, the kinds of bacteria growing in our gut have an influence on our health and how we feel in terms of gatrointestinal (GI) function and symptoms, and the foods we eat can influence the types of bacteria we grow in our own insides.

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